About Us

Welcome to Villa Pelangi,

Our villa is a perfect place to enjoy your relaxing time with families and friends. Located in the heart of fabulous Batu City, Villa Pelangi is surrounded by mountains and just few steps away to city’s highlight attractions, such as Angkut Museum, Jatim Park I, Batu Secret Zoo, Batu Night Spectacular, Eco Green Park and many more. To complete your stay, our villa placed inside one-gate housing cluster with 24 hours security, so our guest can stay away from noise and safe.

The main facilities provided by Villa Pelangi includes a private swimming pool, billiard, cable TV, karaoke, and complete kitchen set. We also offer food catering and coffee break for any special reserved occasions.
We ensure our guests will enjoy the cleanliness and feel comfortable during the stay. Have a pleasant first and last nights holiday at Villa Pelangi !